This blog deals with issue of exchange connector which results in stop error message. Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes stops with given error message:

Error opening mailbox domain/server!! Exchange.bad”

This peculiar behavior might occur when you start the MS Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes. At the time of unseen problem, the Convert and Transfer processes is displayed as stopped in the Exchange Connectivity Administrator program. Read more about Stop Error Message When Using Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes »

With number of email client platforms available in market today, MS Outlook seems to be the extensively and popularly used email client. MS Outlook offers you an ideal way to communicate. Mentioned below are some of the real-time advantages of performing Notes to Exchange migration: Read more about Real Time Advantages of Notes to Exchange Migration »

Lotus Notes is a complete and highly interactive application and those who use it always find it great to work on. Although, there are many who feel Lotus Notes faces fierce competition from MS Outlook. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Lotus Notes email client: Read more about Why Perform Notes to Exchange Migration? »

It is quite common situation that you come across when task information is not migrated properly and completely during Lotus Notes to exchange migration.
Read more about Improper Data Transfer During Notes to Exchange Migration »

Migration of business email data from one platform to another has become quite a common phenomenon in working environment.

Need of migration arises when an organization decides to cut-down the IT cost or as per their business service risk alleviation policy or need of new data environment due to inability of previous option to perform as per requirement. With the ever-evolving working schedules and application requirement, the dynamic operational environment is changing consistently and therefore, several organizations decide to engrave their migration strategy as per their financial requirement. Read more about Considering Safety of Emails While Performing Notes to Exchange Migration »

When you migrate from Lotus Notes Outlook, you might find yourself unable to view messages from Lotus Notes Senders.

Following this when a message/email sent via Lotus Notes is accessed using MS Outlook Internet Mail Only, text written by the Notes sender might not appear. However, the message will appear in the Preview Pane and the Auto-Preview. Also, due to this, while replying or forwarding the message, any text written by the Notes sender will not be sent. Read more about After Notes to Outlook Conversion User is Unable to View Messages from Notes Senders »

Lotus Notes was designed with the aim to provide users a collaborative email client, which can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, OS/2, SCO Open Desktop UNIX, and Linux. Read more about Disappointment with Lotus Notes »

There was a time when Lotus Notes and Domino Server were the first choice of organizations as an email client and email server. But, with the release of Exchange Server 2003, the choice of most of the users started changing. Organizations now prefer using MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server as email client and email server respectively than Lotus Notes and Domino Server. Following are some of the reasons due to which organizations are migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange: Read more about Perform Notes to Exchange Migration »

Lotus Notes and Outlook are the most commonly used email clients in organizations that synchronize with Domino Server and Exchange Server respectively to establish email communication. Both of these email clients are feature rich. However, besides that you may need to switch from Domino Server of Lotus Notes to Outlook’s Exchange Server. Read more about Migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server Fails »

Email migration can be termed as a process of transfer of email data between different email client, format or computer systems. Usually, email migration is performed when users or organizations feel the need of upgrading to newer email clients. Performing email migration can be a gruesome task and might force you to face numerous problems related to Lotus Notes to Outlook migration. Read more about Issue of Incorrect Message Routing While Migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook »